How do you win at the dice game at the casino?

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The evolution of dice games from centuries now has spread even to the casinos. Many casinos today employ a game of dice at the table to entertain their customers and discover their luck. They don’t have to be intimidating like other casino games like Blackjack and others since its a pure game of luck. We will discuss the best strategies or tips on how to win at dice games in a casino. Stick around! Although there are many dice games available in the gambling market, craps and Sic Bo are the most popular ones. Hence, we will be discussing the strategies to win at these two dice games.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo

Although the game follows pure luck, it is not impossible to employ some tips and strategies to turn the odds and probability in your favour.

  • The defence is the key: When you’re playing the Sic Bo, the kinds of bets you place and the defence strategy makes all the difference to the game. Since it is a game of patience and persistence, it is essential to pay attention to defend your self, rather than to attack. It is seen that over time, players who defend most times rather than attacking the opponent tend to increase their bankroll. It can offer the best profit of up to 2.78%.
  • Small and big bets: Small bet is when you predict the total on the role of all the three dices between 4 and 10, while big bets revolve around the prediction between 11 and 17. With small bets, you have a higher chance of winning than with big bets, which usually offers a 50/50 probability.
  • Combination bets: Although the winning probability is just 2.77%, it still cannot be neglected as the probability of winning is 6:1, which means for every six bets placed, you can score a win. Using this strategy ultimately leaves you with a better bankroll at the end of the game.


It the king of all dice games and for the same reason, included in almost every casino in the world.

  • Pass or not: One of the major mistakes made by the craps players is to pass not to pass. They ignore the side bets and focus on the main game instead. This includes the pass line and no pass line bets, while both can fetch you wins, it is better to concentrate on the pass line bets.
  • Placing 6 and 8: Other than 7, 6 and 8 are the numbers that is rolled frequently on the dice. Hence it is better to place your bets on these which also have an advantage as you can pick your numbers.
  • Never say the seven-word: This goes without saying which means that when you’re throwing the dice on the table, you ought to make sure that they touch the back wall.



Although there are various games of dice on the casino floor, the above mentioned are the most popular one’s and widely played across the world. By following the strategies discussed above, although it is not possible to win at everything, it will still make the odds work in your favour.

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